int-Forex.com is moving money made easy.
How it works
We’ve all done it at some time. You’re headed overseas, and need some cash when you arrive. So you call your contact who recently returned from your intended destination, and ask if he has any of the currency. He says sure. You ask if you can exchange some, and again he says sure. Done. This works like that, just on a much bigger scale. Now you have billions of contacts, who who are willing to exchange their currency for your currency, with no fees and no exchange rate differential.
And now it’s not just for the cash on arrival. You want to buy a house or a business overseas. Sure. Get the foreign currency here.
Is it secure
Yes. Before anyone can place an offer, they need to have placed the funds to cover the offer into the trust account. That ensures that the funds are there to meet the transaction. Similarly, the funds to match the acceptance of an offer must be there before anyone can accept an offer. Provided the money is ready, the system processes the transactions.
The story
It was an exciting time. My business had been appointed the regional distributor for a device that was getting mostly five star reviews. We needed to import the stock. We needed to pay up front. As a small business, that was the start of the nightmare, and it was expensive. Approval. Letters of credit. Forms. Bureaucracy. We got the money, eventually. It was a hassle. We lost months. The government talks about helping small business, because that’s where the jobs are. They talk a lot. Help – not so much.
Our clients
Sure, we cater for the rich. But many people survive on remittances. The money that their loved ones send home is crucial to their lives and often their economies. In arduous conditions, they they toil across oceans, often lonely, to make better lives for their families.
Well intended anti-money laundering legislation is also a barrier. Like a child using a hammer trying to kill an ant crossing the dining room table, the poorly designed legislation causes more harm than good. Senders of remittances are sometimes trapped in the legal web.
And then there are the fees. The money transfer services that remittances often suffer are a disgrace. They rob the poorest of the poor with exorbitant fees, because there is no alternative. Now there is.
There are no fees. No exchange rate differential. No commission. The price you get is the rate that the counterparty is offering.
Now, it’s easy. Enjoy.